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El Salto de Almahue s/n
Santa Cruz, O'Higgins, Chile

18 acres

Year Built: 1900

Listed By: Property Owner

Listed On: 12/15/2023

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Spectacular 150-year-old manor house, interior gardens, very well cared for, 10,800 sf built. central heating, and
18 acres with parks of 200-year-old trees, abundant water, 2 organic fruit tree farms, tennis court, gym, indoor
pool, landscaping of excellence, the place has clear and perfect weather in a well-known area of Chilean vineyards,
quiet, classic and typical atmosphere of the Chilean countryside, 2 hours from Santiago. In 1990, house was
completely restored maintaining the original heritage line of 1870. Potential to develop a world class Boutique
Hotel in the middle of Chile's most famous area for wine production.

Source: The World Property Journal