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Nanyuki, Rift Valley, Kenya

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Listed On: 06/20/2023

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The ranch is ideal for various activities including a conservancy, cattle ranching, High end tourist destination among othere. It is based right in the heart of Laikipia at the base of the Laikipia plateau, and is aprox 70kms from Nanyuki / 45 kms from Rumuruti. This area is one of the most protected locations in Laikipia. The farm has a seasonal river that runs through the entire farm which flows aprox 10 months of the year. There are 2 main waterfalls and a large dam, with lots of natural springs and many potential water catchment points as well. Borehole water is also available, showing the area has plenty of water. Ownership is Free hold (Forever) and the property has 4 titles but selling as a block by one Owner. The Farm has pretty much everything Laikipia has to offer (water / hills / savanna / large Acacia trees / river / dam / views / game / birds etc). It really is spectacular. The farm is perfect for Wildlife, Agriculture, Cattle and livestock. Price - Kshs. 250,000 per acre There are many opportunities for the Farm:- 1) Livestock:- Most of the neighboring ranches have Cattle, sheep and goats – showing the area is very suitable for livestock ranching. 2) Agriculture:- There is a large portion of the Farm that has huge potential for agriculture, in most areas, and would require little clearing of the land. The farm has one of the best geographical locations, and lies East to West, and in certain areas is very flat. Could be an ideal for large scale crop growing. 3) Wildlife:- This area of Laikipia has is one of the most abundant wildlife areas in Kenya. 4) Up Market Wildlife Lodge – This area is abundant with Wildlife and would make a perfect place for a High end Wildlife Lodge. 5) “Eco Wildlife Golf Course”, for very high end VIP’s and Individuals, that have HNW (High Net Worth). 6) Potential High End Housing Development Proposal 7) Renewable Energy:- Ketraco, is erecting a Transmission Line, coming from Ethiopia to Suswa, which is passing through the Farm. The farm has one of the best geographical locations, with one of the highest Irradiation yields in Kenya. The farm lies East to West, and in certain areas is very flat. Could be an ideal Solar (Renewable Energy) plant. Currently the land has little infrastructure and only the middle plot has a small comfortable establishment consisting of 2 completed cottages and a third cottage which is unfinished, including small kitchen and mess area. The road network in the area is very good with both all weather roads to the North and South. There are numerous access roads to the farm. We are made to understand that both the Northern and Southern roads (Linking Nanyuki to Rumuruti) have both been approved for Tarmacking, which will increase access considerably. This is one of the last remaining ranches for sale in this area, due to all of this - the farm will exponentially go up in value and has huge investment opportunity.

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Source: The World Property Journal