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Varna, Varna, Bulgaria

83,000 sqm

Year Built: 0

Listed By: Balkanbespoke

Listed On: 08/06/2023

Listing ID: GL3615010


Land near Shkorpilovci village, 1st line of the Black Sea ​ Total Area: 83 000 m2 Location: Near Shkorpilovci village, 1st line of the Black Sea, at 30 km from Varna city and 90 km north of Bourgas city Price: 5 810 000 Euro The land can be built on (has a permit for building) and is located on the 1st line of the Black Sea and has a face of 600 m on the beach. It has all communications near it. Its building indicators are: Height - 10 m Density: 35% (from 20% to 50 %) Kint: 1.3 Green Area – 50% (from 40% to 60%) The land has a unique combination of sea and a mountain. It is a great place for relaxation with a vast sandy beach, oak forests and healing mineral springs, which have a very good mineralization: 9. 841-17. 275 mg/l, temperature: 30-67 degrees С, debit-25 l/sec. The sandy beach is around 200 m wide and has the potential for the building of internal beaches and lagoons behind the sand dunes with a natural circulation of seawater. The eastern part of Stara Mountain finishes near the land. Stara Mountain is characterized with deciduous forests; it is excellent for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Source: The World Property Journal


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