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Jektvikveien 104
Enga, Nordland, Norway

6,897 sqm

Year Built: 1900

Listed By: Property Owner

Listed On: 11/11/2023

Listing ID: GL10879085


Jektvikveien 104 is a big, beautiful Nordlands-house built in 1790. The house has beautiful sea view and a lot of history. The house has been upgraded through the years, but the original charm and originality have been preserved. The last years the house have been used as a guest house with 7 bedrooms and restaurant/café. In the local area, the café has been popular and tourist from around the world have been visited the guest house.

The land is 6897 square meters, the house is 287 square meters and in addition to the house there is an annex, garage/shed, outdoor shed and a gazebo. The garden around the house is fenced and has many beautiful, old Norwegian plants planted. There is good parking availability on the land, and down by the sea there is a dock that is a part of the property. The house is 2 floors high in addition to basement, modern kitchen, living room and a big dining room. There is a toilet room for staff, 2 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms and an office. The last 2 bedrooms is in the annex.

Source: The World Property Journal